FOR DEBORAH HERRIDGE, IT TOOK A SIMPLE STORY AND A FATHER'S WISDOM TO LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR HER CHOICES IN LIFE. Every night when Deborah Herridge was a young girl, her father, a well respected surgeon in the area, would come into her room to tuck her in for bed. But one night, instead of reading her a bedtime story, he told her a different tale. He told her that life is full of choices and every time you make a decision, you should pause a moment to listen to the two voices in your head. One voice will tell you "yes" and another voice will tell you "no". As you evaluate each choice, he said to think about whether you would want everyone to see that decision on the front page of the New York Times. If you would, then you know which is the right choice. This story has stayed with Deborah throughout the years and has served as the foundation of her philosophy in life. A STRONG MORAL COMPASS After high school, Deborah was faced with the decision of what career path she wanted to pursue. She chose to follow in her father's footsteps, studying nursing at New York University. Deborah was determined to make something of herself. Nursing afforded her a career where she could care for others while improving herself through education. It turned out to be a choice that would change her perspective on life forever. That's because it opened up an opportunity to move to Paris and work at the American Hospital. Although it was challenging to move to a foreign country and leave everything she knew in New York, Deborah wanted to make the most of her life. She learned French and worked in the emergency room of the American Hospital. She thrived in the emergency room where she guided patients and their families through traumatic situations, understanding and easing their discomfort. It was in Paris where Deborah found herself and realized what her father had meant about our choices defining who we are. Whether in life as the proud mother of three successful sons or now in business, Deborah's work ethic, sound judgement and ability to make the right choices have been the cornerstone of her success. THE RIGHT CHOICE It's the same way in her career in real estate. As a leading real estate professional since 1999, Deborah prides herself on her ability to guide her clients successfully through their most important financial decisions. From initial consultation to closing, she sits down with her clients and carefully helps them weigh their options. She offers knowledgeable advice so they can make the best choices for their families. EXPERT GUIDANCE Whether buying or selling a home, Deborah's keen understanding of finance and her aggressive marketing strategies help produce winning outcomes for all her clients. Just as in nursing, she sincerely cares about you and your goals and does whatever it takes to achieve optimal results. For sellers, she professional stages your property, creates individual Web sites to market your home and provides top-of-the-line marketing products for your prospective buyers. For buyers, she provides you with her extensive market area experience and strong negotiating skills while patiently guiding you through the home purchasing process. Deborah's success in life and business has been attributed to her strong work ethic, excellent judgement and ability to make the right choices. When you are ready to make a move in the area, Deborah will protect your best interests at all times and produce the results you desire. With Deborah Herridge, you can be sure you are making The Right Choice in real estate. Call her today to schedule a private consultation and discover the difference The Right Choice can make.
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